Therapeutic Coaching and Mindfulness

1:1 therapeutic coaching, 1:1 mindfulness and group wellbeing workshops

If you're presently experiencing stress and anxiety, you're not alone. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 12 million adults visit the GP each year with symptoms of mental ill-health, and much of it is stress related.

The good news is, it is possible to do something about it. Choose from: Shine for Wellbeing™, our very effective, 6 week programme of mindfulness-based therapeutic coaching, specifically designed to help reduce stress and anxiety. Or our 5 week Better Living course, which offers an introduction to the wellbeing benefits of mindfulness.

1:1 Better Living

A 5 week course of mindfulness, designed to help you live more easily with day to day challenges and incorporate mindfulness into your life...

Shine for Wellbeing™
(1:1mindfulness-based therapeutic coaching)

Our unique, 6 week programme for stress and anxiety, combines mindfulness with therapeutic coaching to help you relax, find clarity, make change and improve your wellbeing...

Group courses
and workshops

A range of courses and workshops including Mindfulness and Compassion, Mindfulness and Pilates, and Release & Recharge...

Michelle Audouard therapeutic coach

"Stress and anxiety are what I would call 'entangled' experiences. We can get so caught up in a tangle of worry, frustration, resistance, over-analysis and exhaustion that we can lose our sense of inner space, making it difficult for us to find a way forward. My two programmes, Shine for Wellbeing™ and Better Living, have therefore been designed to allow a sense of space to develop, so that stress and anxiety symptoms can reduce and clarity and direction can emerge."
Michelle Audouard  |  Owner, Mind for Wellbeing