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Category: General wellbeing articles

Do you find it tough asking for help?

Do you find it tough asking for help? Picture of 2 sheep looking like they're talking

Here’s a quick and easy way to get the ball rolling How easy do you find it to ask for help? Many of us find it hard to ask for help even when we are struggling. Reasons you might find it difficult include: viewing it as a sign of weakness or neediness fearing rejection pride […]

Are you an Undercover Multitasker?

Are you an Undercover Multitasker?

I discovered the concept of undercover multitasking during an operation to de-clutter my office. In my mind, ‘de-clutter office’ equated to one job and I approached the job as I had always approached re-organisation jobs – with gusto! Cupboards and drawers were emptied out, books were loosely allocated to various piles around the room and […]

Breakfast for the Mind

What do you have for your breakfast, to nourish and prepare your body for the day ahead? Porridge? Full English? Continental? Egg and soldiers? Most of us start the day by ‘fuelling’ the body with some kind of breakfast, although of course the nutritional value may vary depending on our choices! But how many of […]

The self-seeding cycle of stress

If you’ve ever experienced excessive stress (and who hasn’t?), you’ll be familiar with many of its symptoms; the tight muscles, tiredness, irritability, aches and pains, sense of overwhelm and the inability to switch off. Stress just doesn’t feel good and we don’t like it. The problem is, our aversive reaction to stress and the situations […]

Building resilience: In support of your wellbeing

We all experience difficulties from time to time. It’s part of being human. However, building our resilience now can make it easier to deal with difficulty later, supporting our longer term wellbeing. Resilience is the ability to adapt well to life’s challenges. Those with higher levels of resilience cope better during adversity, bounce back more […]

What is cognitive behavioural coaching for health and wellbeing?

Cognitive behavioural health and wellbeing coaching is a form of coaching which empowers individuals to achieve their health and wellbeing goals through a process of self-examination and self-discovery. Underpinning the approach is an understanding that our individual values, beliefs and resulting thought patterns can influence feelings about change, which in turn affect behaviour and have a knock-on effect on our ability to achieve goals.