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Five Mindfulness Myths

You don’t have to spend long searching the internet to come across all sorts of myths about mindfulness. Here are five very common mindfulness myths: 1. Mindfulness is a relaxation technique This is one of the most common misconceptions about mindfulness. Mindfulness isn’t a relaxation technique, although it is often used as such. Instead, mindfulness […]

Mindfulness in Five

Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment in a particular way, with acceptance and without judgment. It can be practised any time you like, even as you go about your daily activities, and can be a very effective way of reducing stress and anxiety. The five mindfulness exercises below can be practised in […]

Why mindfulness? Stepping off the Stressville train

Why mindfulness? Stepping off the Stressville train

  Have you ever found yourself caught up in a bumpy train ride of thoughts and emotions which take you on an uncontrollable journey north, south, east and west, finally plonking you down in the middle of Stressville? For all of us the answer is probably a very loud ‘yes’! We spend a large proportion […]

Three Step Habit Releaser

Many of us have habits we would like to break – biting our nails, drinking coffee, checking our phone or social media accounts, eating lunch ‘on the go’, saying ‘yes’ when we mean ‘no’, snacking, watching TV…and so the list goes on. Habits are patterns of behaviour which are repeated regularly and tend to occur […]

Mindfulness for Change

Mindfulness for change. Does that sound like a contradiction? After all, isn’t mindfulness about ‘being in the present moment’ and accepting what we find here? Well, yes it is, but while mindfulness is indeed about connecting with, and accepting, our ‘here and now’ experience, it’s not about passive resignation or sitting back and doing nothing […]

Mindful walking: Taking a break from ‘busy brain’

Mindful walking: Taking a break from ‘busy brain’ mindful walking in the countryside

What is Mindful Walking? Mindful walking, also known as walking meditation, combines walking with the practice of mindfulness and simply involves bringing our awareness to the experience of walking while accepting what we find there. In our day to day lives we give little attention to the process of walking, meaning that our mind is […]

Workplace stress: a mindful approach

Workplace stress: a mindful approach mindfulness for workplace stress

Workplace stress: What’s happening? According to the 2016 Labour Force Survey, 17.11 million working days were lost during 2015/2016 due to stress, accounting for 45% of sickness absence. These figures are startling enough, but the impact of workplace stress is not restricted to sickness absence alone. Stressed employees may be tired, demotivated, complaining, indecisive, irritable, […]