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Mindful walking: Taking a break from ‘busy brain’

Mindful walking: Taking a break from ‘busy brain’ mindful walking in the countryside

What is Mindful Walking? Mindful walking, also known as walking meditation, combines walking with the practice of mindfulness and simply involves bringing our awareness to the experience of walking while accepting what we find there. In our day to day lives we give little attention to the process of walking, meaning that our mind is […]

Workplace stress: a mindful approach

Workplace stress: a mindful approach mindfulness for workplace stress

Workplace stress: What’s happening? According to the 2016 Labour Force Survey, 17.11 million working days were lost during 2015/2016 due to stress, accounting for 45% of sickness absence. These figures are startling enough, but the impact of workplace stress is not restricted to sickness absence alone. Stressed employees may be tired, demotivated, complaining, indecisive, irritable, […]