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Category: Stress and anxiety articles

Do you find it tough asking for help?

Do you find it tough asking for help? Picture of 2 sheep looking like they're talking

Here’s a quick and easy way to get the ball rolling How easy do you find it to ask for help? Many of us find it hard to ask for help even when we are struggling. Reasons you might find it difficult include: viewing it as a sign of weakness or neediness fearing rejection pride […]

Why does stress and anxiety feel so unpleasant

Why does stress and anxiety feel so unpleasant

Introducing the fight or flight response We’ve all experienced at least some of the symptoms of stress and anxiety before, whether that’s a tight neck, butterflies in the stomach, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, insomnia, digestive issues or shallow breathing. These symptoms are all very common but why do they occur and what can you […]

Morning Anxiety

Morning Anxiety Image of dew on grass

Feeling particularly anxious in the morning? You’re not alone Morning anxiety is very common. In fact, most of us have woken up at some point feeling edgy, jittery or panicky, with anxious thoughts racing around our heads. Occasional morning anxiety can be caused by all sorts of things including unresolved worries from the day before, […]

Stress Less the Here/There Way

Stress Less the Here/There Way

There are lots of different ways of managing our stress. Exercise can be very helpful, as can mindfulness meditation, spending time in nature, practising relaxation techniques or taking time out with friends. One particular approach to stress management which I’d like to introduce you to, and which has roots in mindfulness, is based on what […]