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Mindfulness: The 'Better Living' course

A 6 week 'introduction to mindfulness' course
designed to help you live better with life’s challenges

A new way to live with difficulty

We all experience difficulty from time to time. For some of us it can feel that we’re in an endless struggle with life and with ourselves.

The Better Living course is a private, one-to-one, 6 week introduction to mindfulness, designed to help you live more easily with difficult thoughts and emotions and the challenges of your day to day life.

The Better Living course is for you if:

    • You want to learn what mindfulness is and how it can help you in your life
    • You’re feeling stressed, emotionally ‘jaded’ or run down
    • You want some freedom from your busy, chattering or worrying mind
    • You’d like to find a new way of dealing with your daily challenges that’s more helpful to your emotional wellbeing
    • You want to experience different forms of mindfulness meditation including 'mindfulness of the breath' and the body scan

During the course you will be introduced to a range of key mindfulness practices and will learn how, with mindfulness, you can start to develop a more helpful, emotionally healthier relationship with your thoughts and emotions.


“If danger arises in the present moment, there may be an emotion. There may even be pain. But that's a challenge, not a problem. For a problem to exist, you need time and repetitive mind activity.” Eckhart Tolle

There is growing research demonstrating that mindfulness can reduce stress and worry, improve our mood, help us to think more clearly, improve our ability to focus, boost feelings of calm, improve our sleep and boost our resilience. If you would like to experience mindfulness for yourself, contact me and ask about Better Living, my 6 week, one-to-one introduction to mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is often associated with meditation, and this is indeed an important part of practising mindfulness. However, it’s about more than that. Mindfulness is an approach to life which involves observing what is here right now, acknowledging it and allowing it to be just as it is. From this new perspective, and free from our habitual judgments and biases, we can start to see things more clearly and make wise choices about how we wish to respond to our experiences. And instead of being frustrated, overwhelmed by, or hostile towards difficult thoughts, emotions or bodily sensations, mindfulness puts us into a better relationship with them, which can improve our sense of calm and ease, boost our coping skills and build our resilience.

Listen to a 'Mindfulness of the Breath' guided meditation

Better Living course format and cost

Better Living is a private, one-to-one introduction to mindfulness. The course runs for 6 weeks, usually on a weekly basis, and is held via video conferencing. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes. The cost for the full 6 week course is £330.

If you’d like to find out how mindfulness can help improve your emotional wellbeing, please contact me to ask about my Better Living course.