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Do you find it tough asking for help?

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Here’s a quick and easy way to get the ball rolling

How easy do you find it to ask for help? Many of us find it hard to ask for help even when we are struggling. Reasons you might find it difficult include:

  • viewing it as a sign of weakness or neediness
  • fearing rejection
  • pride in your self-reliance
  • embarrassment
  • fearing loss of control
  • concern that the other person may want something in return
  • believing that to ask for help would burden others
  • concerns about being judged as incompetent
  • not wanting to feel dependent on, or obligated to, someone else
  • telling yourself others have things far worse and you have no right to ask for help

The problem is, we can only continue struggling on for just so long before it starts to affect our wellbeing. If you’re in this situation, doing nothing can be unhelpful at best and positively unhealthy at worst.

So if asking for help is hard for you, find someone you trust that you can simply talk through your options with. This can feel less scary than asking for the specific help you need and the process of talking to somebody can provide a welcome sense of relief. It can also help you to gain some clarity around your situation… and may even provide the strength or impetus you need to take that next step.

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Image by Suju on Pixabay