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Mindfulness of the Breath guided meditation

Mindfulness meditation involves bringing our attention to what’s happening in the present moment with openness and compassion, free from the habitual judging and analysing of our very active minds. With regular practice, it can help us to relate more effectively to our worries, unhelpful thoughts and difficult emotions and we can experience less stress and greater calm.

Using the breath as the focus of a meditation brings us immediately and naturally into the present moment, so it’s the perfect way to practice mindfulness. When we focus our attention on the breath as it moves in and out of the body, it gives our minds a break from the constant inner chatter which can affect our sense of wellbeing and ease.

The following practices are two versions of the same ‘Mindfulness of the Breath’ guided meditation. The first meditation lasts approximately 7 minutes and is particularly suitable for beginners or for those who prefer more guidance. The second version is 10 minutes in length and is more spacious, with longer periods of silence.

Mindfulness of the Breath: 7 minute meditation practice

Mindfulness of the Breath: 10 minute meditation practice


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