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Shine For Wellbeing™

A one to one, seven week programme of
mindfulness-based therapeutic coaching for stress and anxiety

A unique, effective approach to stress and anxiety

If you’re presently experiencing stress or anxiety right now, you’ll know how unpleasant and distressing it can be. At best, it doesn’t feel at all nice. At worse, it can make you feel pretty unwell, both emotionally and physically, and can have a negative impact on your quality of life.

You don’t have to live like this!

Shine For Wellbeing is a seven week, one to one programme of mindfulness-based therapeutic coaching. It's a unique approach to stress and anxiety designed and led by me. It's not ‘talk therapy’, though we do talk. Instead, it's an active approach to reducing stress and anxiety intended to help you:

  • reduce stress and anxiety as quickly as possible
  • manage daily challenges more effectively
  • lessen feelings of overwhelm
  • make positive changes for the benefit of your wellbeing
  • develop strategies for greater resilience going forward

Shine For Wellbeing combines therapeutic coaching techniques with mindfulness-based psychology and practice to help you create an inner sense of space from which you can gain clarity around your present experiences, identify inner patterns which may be holding you back and take steps to make meaningful changes in your life. During the programme you will also learn valuable, 'quick fix' techniques for reducing stress and anxiety in the short term, as well as tools for building your resilience longer term.

A three-factor approach to stress and anxiety

You may have tried all sorts of things already to help reduce your stress or anxiety. Perhaps you’ve begun an exercise class, read a good quality self-help book, started journalling or reduced your caffeine intake. All of these things can be great for helping to reduce stress and anxiety and I might even recommend them myself. However, sometimes they’re not quite enough on their own. The cause(s) of your stress of anxiety may still be present or there may be particular factors feeding into and maintaining symptoms.

That’s why, in my unique programme, we address three key areas of stress and anxiety management for the most effective results:

1. The stress response

2. Emotional needs

3. Relationship with inner experience

1. The stress response

The stress response, also known as the fight or flight response, is our body’s automatic reaction to a perceived threat and is designed to provide the body with the energy and strength to run or fight for survival. To prepare the body for flight or fight a variety of changes take place. For example, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate increase, the brain becomes hyper-vigilant and muscle tension increases to provide the strength to run or fight.

This response would have helped save the lives of our ancient ancestors, protecting them from dangerous predators. However, our modern-day ‘threats’ are usually far less dangerous. Instead, they are more likely to be of a psychological nature (e.g. an argument with a friend, a challenging boss, financial worries, change, divorce, family problems) or related to our environment (e.g. poor living conditions, crowds, noise). The problem is, our body responds to these ‘threats’ in the same way as if they were a risk to our survival. This means our stress response can be triggered many times during the day and if not ‘deactivated’, the body and mind remain primed for survival-action, unable to fully relax and switch off.

An important part of the Shine For Wellbeing programme is therefore to help you begin to calm your body’s stress response so that you can start to relax. As the body’s stress response starts to reduce you will usually also find it easier to think more clearly, enabling you to start to consider your next steps forward.

2. Emotional needs

We all have emotional needs. It’s part and parcel of being human. However, when one or more of these needs are not being met we can experience stress and anxiety.

Sometimes you may know why you're stressed or anxious, even if you don't consciously identify it as a particular emotional need. For example, you may know that the tension in your neck is related to your job, ill health or family problems. However, sometimes you may not know what’s causing your distress. All you know is you feel pretty bad. You’re struggling to cope, finding it difficult to think straight and you just want it all to go away!

Whether you know the cause/s of your distress or you’re really not sure, this programme is designed to help you understand more fully what is happening and to take steps to get your emotional needs met, so reducing your stress and anxiety.

3. Relationship with inner experience

Does it feel as though your inner critic has taken up permanent residence? Do you have the ‘what if’ gremlin living in your head? Are there times when you react emotionally or behaviourally in ways that aren’t always helpful to you or to those around you? Or does your mind make assumptions which often have a negative bias?

All of us have automatic, inner patterns of thinking, feeling and reacting. We tell ourselves the same stories over and over, and we accept them as truth over and over too. We also react to events (including our thoughts) in the same old ways, usually without question. Unfortunately, some of our thoughts can have an adverse effect on our wellbeing, affecting our mood, causing stress and anxiety, creating more unhelpful thoughts and unconsciously directing our lives. And our automatic emotional or behavioural reactions can sometimes be problematic too, perhaps out of proportion to events or even unrelated to what’s actually happening.

This part of the programme helps you to explore your relationship with thoughts, emotions and behaviour from a mindfulness-based perspective. Using a mindfulness-based approach to stress and anxiety helps to counteract the problems caused by our storytelling minds and to change unhelpful automatic reactions. It allows us to become aware of our conditioned thought patterns, emotions and habitual behavioural reactions, creating the space for us to consciously choose how we respond to events in our lives and bringing us into a healthier relationship with our inner experience.

Shine For Wellbeing™ programme format and cost

Shine For Wellbeing is a private, one-to-one programme for people experiencing stress and/or anxiety. The programme runs for seven weeks, normally on a weekly basis, and each session lasts approximately one hour. The cost of the seven week programme is £490.

In usual circumstances I run the programme from my coaching room in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire. Due to the coronavirus, this is not presently possible. However, in most cases I am now able to offer the programme online. Please contact me on 01296 841046 for further details.

If you’re presently experiencing stress and/or anxiety and are ready to take steps to improve your emotional wellbeing, please do get in touch. I welcome enquiries about my programme and am here to answer all your questions. Please telephone 01296 841046 or email for more information.