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Twenty Quick Tips for Managing Stress

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Twenty Quick Tips for Managing Stress

  1. Connect regularly with people who make you smile
  2. Identify what you can and can’t change and find ways to accept those situations that are unchangeable or out of your control
  3. Know what relaxes you and do it regularly
  4. Know your boundaries and learn to say no
  5. Do one thing at a time and give it your full attention
  6. Find a time management technique or system of prioritising that works for you
  7. Build ‘me time’ into your week
  8. Be kind to yourself and recognise that you’re not superhuman
  9. Practise mindfulness regularly: learn from an experienced, suitably trained teacher
  10. Notice and respond to your needs
  11. Favour realism over perfectionism
  12. Make your body happy: eat healthily, keep hydrated, move regularly and get sufficient, good quality sleep
  13. Learn how to stop struggling against stress: fighting against stress actually increases it!
  14. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  15. Intentionally create opportunities to laugh
  16. Spend time walking in the countryside
  17. Exercise regularly: choose something you enjoy and if motivation is a problem team up with an exercise buddy*
  18. Take action if something needs addressing
  19. Practice gratitude: it’s been linked to greater happiness and wellbeing
  20. Seek support from a stress expert to help you reduce the sources of stress in your life and learn techniques for building your resilience

*  Consult your GP before starting a new exercise routine

If you need professional support to help you reduce or manage stress, contact me.

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