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Wellbeing Tips

Welcome to my Wellbeing Tips page! The tips are grouped in themed sets of seven, one for each day of the week.

There are presently two sets of tips - 'Anxiety and Coronavirus' at the bottom, and 'Tips for Managing the Juggle Struggle' at the top.

To read a full explanation of each tip, simply click on the image.

I hope you find these tips helpful to you.

Tips for Managing the Juggle Struggle

Managing our daily lives, whether at home or at work, can involve juggling a never-ending mix of tasks that vie for our attention and jostle for top spot in terms of priority. This constant juggling act can cause a lot of stress and struggle for many of us, and when we’re stressed it can be difficult to think straight, making it even harder to make decisions, prioritise and consider our next steps. These tips therefore focus on strategies that support the mind while also making the daily juggle a little bit easier.

Wellben tip do one thing at a time
wellbeing tip build space into your day
Wellbeing tip create a strategy for prioritising
Wellbeing tip manage interruptions and distractions
Wellbeing tip affirm your values
Wellbeing tip check in with your body
wellbeing tip practice saying no

Anxiety and Coronavirus tips

The 'anxiety and coronavirus' tips, below, were written at the beginning of lockdown as part of a 7 day series to help with the fears and restrictions related to coronavirus.

Reduce your stress response tip
Anxiety tip - chat with someone
Does this thought help me
Learn something new
review your reading and viewing habits
Be open to uncertainty
Laugh today and whenever you can