Anxiety tip - chat with someone

- Coronavirus series tip 2

Chat with someone

As human beings, we have a natural need for social connection. When we don’t have enough contact with others (and what’s ‘enough’ will vary from person to person), we can end up stressed, anxious, lonely or depressed.

With so many of us self-isolating or working from home it’s very important for our emotional wellbeing that we keep in contact with friends and family. Texts, WhatsApp and Messenger are quick and easy ways to keep in regular contact. However, don’t forget the phone or videoconferencing. Seeing a friendly face online or hearing a welcoming voice at the end of the phone can be really helpful at this time. Try to find things to talk about that aren’t related to coronavirus (unless it’s necessary to talk about it of course) so that both of you can get a break from the subject. You may even need to plan topics to talk about in advance as it’s so easy to slip back into coronavirus talk.