review your reading and viewing habits

- Coronavirus series tip 5

Review your reading & viewing habits

As a stress and anxiety coach, I have all sorts of tips, tricks and techniques up my sleeve for managing stress and anxiety. But a couple of weeks ago I found my anxiety levels unexpectedly high. I realised that I was reading and watching news about coronavirus multiple times during the day, including first thing in the morning (not the most upbeat way to start the day). I’ve now found a balance of reading/watching activity which maintains my wellbeing while keeping me up-to-date on what I need to do to keep myself and others safe.

Many people tell me they need to find more balance in this area. ‘Balancing tricks’ can include only checking in with the news at a specific time each day or limiting your reading/viewing time to a 5 or 10 minute update. If you need a complete break from the news, you can always ask a person you trust to tell you if there’s a development you really need to know about.